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Amazon launches Alexa, Echo, and Prime Music in Canada

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Finally across the border, eh?

Amazon Echo

Amazon launched Prime Music and Alexa in Canada today, along with three devices that support the voice assistant: the Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot. Amazon says Alexa will speak English with a Canadian accent and have local knowledge and local skills — Alexa's voice-activated apps — made by Canadian developers. Amazon anticipates 10,000 skills will be available for Canadian customers this year, including skills from Air Canada, CBC, the Weather Network, TD Bank, and Bank of Montreal.

“Tens of millions of customers are already using Alexa, and today we’re excited to bring her to Canada with an experience designed from the ground up for our Canadian customers,” said Tom Taylor, senior vice president of Amazon Alexa, in a statement.

In addition to Alexa, Amazon Prime members in Canada will also get access to Prime Music services today. Prime Music, which features over 1 million songs on demand, is now included with every new and existing Prime membership in Canada. Those with access can look forward to very Canadian playlists curated by Amazon with titles like "Quebec Country Now" and "Chanteuse Québécoise."

Customers can preorder the Echo devices from Amazon Canada, with shipping set to start on December 5th. Amazon is offering them at discounted introductory prices: the Echo will be priced at C$99.99 (usually C$129.99), Echo Dot at C$49.99 (usually C$69.99), and Echo Plus at C$169.99 (usually C$199.99).

Recently, Amazon has been pushing Alexa and its Echo products into new markets: it launched in India just last month and Japan last week.