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Airbnb will now let you search for accessibility features by the room

Airbnb will now let you search for accessibility features by the room

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Airbnb today is adding a new set of filters to help travelers find accommodations that are suitable for those with accessibility needs. Hosts will now have to indicate whether their rentals include things like an elevator, wide entryways, or roll-in showers, and travelers can select a number of amenities they require to find the right place to stay.

For hosts, Airbnb will offer descriptions of what exactly it means when the service refers to particular accessibility features. For example, a “wide doorway” is defined as one that is at least 32 inches wide. “These descriptions were written to be inclusive of a range of accessibility needs,” Airbnb wrote in a blog post. “Any given feature may be useful to a variety of people. We avoid assuming what kind of disability a feature may apply to – instead, we gather information from hosts and pass it on to guests to make their own selection.”

Previously, the only accessibility feature was “wheelchair-accessible,” which Airbnb said was vague for customers in terms of what specifically was included in this filter. Now, customers can narrow their searches down by features within each room of the house.

Today’s update comes as part of Airbnb’s acquisition of Accomable, a travel site that focuses on accessible rentals. Accomable’s listings, which are live in more than 60 countries, will be rolled into Airbnb’s over the next few months. The new accessibilities filter is available now on the web, and will arrive on Airbnb’s iOS and Android apps soon.