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Instagram now lets you post Stories from the mobile web

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Instagram is trying to make sure everyone has access to its Stories feature. The company is now beginning to let anyone add to their story from the web, so long as they’re on mobile.

The feature is pretty basic for the time being: you can only add photos and place some text on top of them. Instagram’s many other fun features — like face filters, stickers, and different post types — aren’t available. So you can’t do videos yet, and you can’t post from the desktop, which are some pretty big limitations.

Image: Instagram

But it still means that people who aren’t able to use the app now have access to a feature they were, until now, only able to view. And even that was a recent change: Instagram only added the ability to view Stories on the web at the end of August (and speaking for myself, that feature didn’t roll out until today).