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The Tesla Roadster will start at $200,000

The Tesla Roadster will start at $200,000


Watch out, Italy

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During Tesla’s semi truck event tonight, CEO Elon Musk had a surprise up his sleeve: a new version of the Tesla Roadster. And now we know how much it will cost. The base model will start at $200,000, with a $50,000 deposit required upfront. Interested parties can place their deposits today.

The first 1,000 models sold will be the Founder’s Series models which will cost you $250,000 upfront. Production isn’t slated to begin until 2020, but if Tesla can match its claimed specs for the Roadster, it should strike fear in the hearts of every supercar maker currently building cars. The only comparable cars to the Roadster are the hybrid supercars built by McLaren (P1), Ferrari (LaFerrari), and Porsche (918 Spyder), which all cost around $1 million. And the upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Mercedes-AMG Project One will each cost around $3 million for cars that may end up being slower.

If Tesla is building a faster, cheaper, and totally electric supercar for a fourth of the price? It’s going to be a sleepless few years for those carmakers.