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Pro-science group sets up new ways for government scientists to blow the whistle

Call the hotline, WhatsApp, Signal, or send a letter

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Government scientists now have an easy way to get connected to lawyers, should they want to blow the whistle on anti-science action in the Trump Administration.

Scientists can call a hotline, send a letter, or use Signal and WhatsApp to talk to lawyers partnering with 314 Action, a political advocacy group that encourages scientists to run for office and supports evidence-based policy. Lawyers will keep the information confidential, though the group still recommends taking precautions when reaching out. The hotline itself is very limited: right now, it’ll only be available for a few business hours on November 7th, but more hours will be available soon.

President Trump’s administration has been aggressive in its fight against science. Earlier this week, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, cut several scientists from the agency’s advisory positions. The organization has also made new rules stating that scientists who receive EPA funding can’t serve on a scientific advisory board. Additionally, scientists have said that Trump creates a “hostile environment;” one accused the administration of demoting him for speaking out on climate change.

The hotline could be a way for more scientists to speak out without fear.