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Uber adds live location sharing and expands its beacon program

You can hail rides for friends and family now, too

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Uber stock image

Uber has added a few new features right before the holidays that should make getting a ride for you or a friend a bit easier. The ride-hailing service has added live location sharing, which will allow your driver to see your location once you tap the gray icon on the bottom right of the screen. This can be helpful when you’re walking to your pickup location so your driver isn’t left in the dark.

Beacons are also being expanded (now available in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco), helping you identify your ride in a sea of Ubers. The company has also updated its guest hailing feature, allowing you to hail rides for friends or family members and let them communicate with the driver via text, so you aren’t stuck in the middle. Simply tap “where to,” and you’ll be able to add a different rider at the top of the screen.

Finally, Uber has added in-app gifting, so you can send Uber credits to your friends without having to leave the app. It’s a nice way to tell that family member who’s ruining dinner it’s time to go. The new features are available today.