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Ok Go's new video is a trippy tribute to paper and printers

Ok Go's new video is a trippy tribute to paper and printers


567 printers and no paper jams

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Ok Go are known for their viral videos that feature zero gravity, synchronized umbrella dancing, and walking (to put it loosely) on treadmills. Now they've choreographed a music video using 567 printers and a bunch of paper for their new song Obsession. In the video, walls of printers spit out paper to create different patterns, changing like a kaleidoscope on a bender before printing haphazard mosaics of the beach, sky, and earth. It totally fits into the band's stable of eccentric videos that are very memorable, even if their music isn't quite so.

The video needs to be watched at 1140p or 2160p because a lower resolution can result in distortion. "When the colors and patterns get crazy, there’s actually just too much information flying by for YouTube’s normal HD compression. We broke the matrix," the band states on the video page.

If you're worried about the reams of paper discarded on the floor, the band does note at the beginning of the video that all of the paper was recycled and the proceeds given to Greenpeace. The end of the video shows the paper organised into dancing piles before disappearing. It's a pretty rad video, but I still have to wonder how they avoided printer jams.