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This man wading into a huge wasps’ nest captures the spirit of Black Friday

This man wading into a huge wasps’ nest captures the spirit of Black Friday


Oh look, a nightmare

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Thanks to online shopping, Black Friday has become a much more peaceful time of year, as people no longer need to physically go to a store and charge into a swarm of angry shoppers who are ready to attack at the slightest provocation. But for anyone who misses that anxiety post-Thanksgiving, this video of a man wading into a massive wasps’ nest in Patterson, Louisiana should bring those feelings of panic right back to the front of your mind.

The video was shot by Louisiana beekeeper and professional exterminator Jude Verret, who used a GoPro to film his removal of the truly gigantic nest. Filled with seemingly thousands of yellow jackets, the nest takes up about half of an outdoor shed. Verret wades inside while wearing a full-body beekeeping suit, and he claims he wasn’t stung at all during the 45 minutes it took to get rid of the nest.

Not only are the visuals absolutely terrifying, but the video has some really delightful audio, including the deafening buzz from the wasps, as well as the repeated clacking of the bugs landing on the GoPro. But Verret seems completely unfazed as he hauls away giant chunks of nest with a smile on his face.

So if you’re feeling nostalgic for Black Fridays of years’ past, just play this video while you search for deals online to really capture what this holiday is all about.