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Moleskine's Smart Writing Set digitizes your notes for Windows 10

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Moleskine introduced its Smart Writing Set last year, which let users jot down their notes in a specially textured Moleskine notebook and transfer them to an iOS and Android app. Now the company is collaborating with Microsoft to bring the Moleskine Notes app directly to Windows 10, so you can see your notes in real-time on your Surface device. The app is free, but the Paper Tablet notebook and Pen+ will cost you $199. Replacement Smart Planners cost $29.90.

In addition to the transcribing your handwritten notes and sharing them to iCloud, Google Drive, Evernote, and Adobe, the Windows 10 Notes app brings a few new features. You can also draw images and charts that can be copied into PowerPoint, OneNote and Word, making it easy to create presentations and save all your frenzied brainstorm doodles. There’s also a new “Collaborative Ideation” feature, which lets you and up to six of your richest friends connect your smart pens together and actively participate in projects. Fun!


Plenty of companies have their own analog-to-digital smart pen and notebook systems, from Livescribe’s line of smart pens, which debuted in 2012, to Montblanc’s digital notebook wrapped in Italian leather. These products have all forced users to dig through their notes within their own poorly-designed apps though, which is why Moleskine’s Notes app for Windows 10 makes a little bit more sense. Still, if you have a Surface device, wouldn’t it be easier to just write directly on it with the Surface Pen? Maybe if you’re worried about distraction, today’s research that laptops are terrible for students at lectures will give you the push to start reconsidering pen and paper.