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Watch Circuit Breaker Live episode 008: Cyber Monday hotline

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It’s Cyber Monday, and that means deals, deals, deals! But if we’re being honest with each other, all these deals can get pretty overwhelming. And that’s where our experts come in!

We had a very special episode of Circuit Breaker Live today, with Ashley and Paul taking calls from real-life viewers like you to help them through their Cyber Monday dilemmas! Our resident Deals Expert Chaim was around too, to school us on all the deals he’s been tracking since the beginning of November. If you weren’t around at 9AM ET to watch the show live on Twitter, we’ve got you covered. You can watch the full episode above, and commiserate with your fellow shoppers who called and tweeted with their questions.

While we’re at it, tune in at tomorrow at 4PM ET for our regularly scheduled programming! As always, you can tweet at us with #CircuitBreakerLive with your questions, and if you can’t watch it live, come back to for the full episode upload the next day.