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Apple capitalizes on the Animoji karaoke fad in its latest ad

Apple capitalizes on the Animoji karaoke fad in its latest ad

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Apple just released its own Animoji karaoke video today, weeks after Twitter users uploaded their own versions by combining the Animoji feature on the iPhone X with their favorite songs.

Apple did briefly hint at Animoji karaoke in its iPhone X launch video in September, where at 0:30 into the video, a monkey lip syncs the words, “Do you want to meet me on the floor?” However, the trend picked up on Twitter in November when Fast Company tech editor Harry McCracken tweeted a fox Animoji version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Others were quick to add their own songs to the mix, with a variety of currently available Animoji figures.

Apple’s YouTube video is just a little more cringeworthy than the clips that iPhone X users made. Each Animoji leers at you at the start of the video, grinning ear to ear and swinging their heads back and forth. The ad features one model dressed in matching colors alongside her Animojis, bopping along to Big Boi’s “All Night.” It’s notable to see Apple taking notes from Twitter trends, though they’re not quite as funny as the ones users uploaded. It almost feels like that moment when a fad is over when the brand tries to get in on the fun.

Has Apple ruined Animoji Karaoke? Decide for yourself below.