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Ryder will start renting electric vans in New York, California, and Illinois

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But no pricing yet

Photo: Ryder/Chanje

Rental company Ryder has ordered 125 all-electric vans from Chanje (pronounced “change”), a California startup built on industry talent from auto companies like Volkswagen to Faraday Future. Ryder will start making the new vans available for rent or lease in its New York, California, and Illinois markets by the end of the year.

The Chanje vans are a bit smaller than the medium duty Daimler electric trucks that UPS recently announced it will start adding to its fleet. Chanje’s vans are about 26.5 feet long, and have the capacity to carry 6,000 pounds, or up to 580 cubic feet of cargo. The vans have a curb weight of nearly 10,000 pounds.

A 70kWh battery (which is just a tick under the smallest battery used on a Tesla Model S) gives the Chanje vans an estimated range of about 100 miles, though that depends on how much cargo is onboard. The company is working with Chanje and its energy storage partner, eMotorWerks, to install Level 2 charging stations near Ryder facilities in the launch markets.

Ryder isn’t saying how much the vans will cost to rent just yet. The company rents a combustion engine sprinter van with about half the load capacity for around $35 per day.