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    The Face with Tears of Joy emoji is the most popular, according to Apple

    The Face with Tears of Joy emoji is the most popular, according to Apple


    Tears of a clown

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    The most popular emoji is the “Face with Tears of Joy.” The tragicomic figure is stuck between sobbing and laughing, and is equally perfect for expressing the soaring highs of life and the depressing lows.

    It’s the most popular emoji among English-speaking iOS and Mac users in the United States, according to Apple, which published a chart showing the top emoji usage on its devices, via MacRumors. The reveal comes from a somewhat unexpected place: an overview about how Apple collects anonymized user data and analytics in iOS and macOS to better improve the user experience. In this case, figuring out which emoji users type the most can help the company better suggest them for future use.

    Image: Apple

    It’s not just Apple singing the praises of Face with Tears of Joy, though: other emoji-tracking metrics like the site Emoji Tracker (which monitors in real time emoji usage across Twitter) has the humble emoji at the No. 1 position across the entire social media site by a fairly massive margin.

    Back in 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary gave the laughing, sobbing face the dubious honor of being the first emoji to hold the position of “word of the year.”

    It seems that there’s only one reaction to all this news. If only there were some sort of way to express both laughter and tears with a single symbol...