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Nintendo adds Amiibo to breakfast with new Super Mario Cereal

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Who doesn’t want a meal with NFC capabilities?

Super Mario Cereal Image: Nintendo.

It’s been a busy year for Nintendo, with the release of the Switch, multiple blockbuster games, and even rumors of an animated movie. Now comes perhaps the biggest surprise of all: a breakfast cereal that doubles as an Amiibo figure.

Called simply Super Mario Cereal, it looks like a fairly standard sugary cereal, complete with marshmallows in the shape of iconic Super Mario items like a 1-up mushroom and newcomer Cappy. But the more interesting aspect is the box itself. It works as an Amiibo, Nintendo’s line of NFC-enabled toys that can interact with games by tapping them on a console. According to Nintendo, tapping the box on your Switch while playing Super Mario Odyssey will unlock extra coins or hearts in the game.

They’re not the most exciting power-ups, and I’m not sure what’s stopping people from bringing their Switch to a grocery store and unlocking lots of coins, but it’s a fun add-on nonetheless. Nintendo says the cereal will start shipping in the US on December 11th.