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This lamp can detect ambient color and change its light to match

This lamp can detect ambient color and change its light to match

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Lighting is everything in an environment, as important as the furniture you choose to fill your home with. It is, as seasoned selfie-takers say, critical for establishing a #mood. Italian product design company Digital Habits understands this and has created the Color Swing, an ambient color-detecting lamp that can change its own light to match in real time.

The video above demonstrates the lamp shifting its light to match the two colors it’s swinging between: a red plate placed underneath, and a yellow car that slides into frame. The Color Swing works with an IR sensor at the bottom that detects the color of whatever is below it. The technology isn’t new. You can actually build your own color-sensing lamp with this $8 Adafruit RGB color sensor, and follow along with plenty of Arduino tutorials online. But look how cool and sleek its product video is! Think of the selfies!

Digital Habits

At the moment, ColorSwing is just a prototype, with “no plans to put it in production. Let's say it is an experiment with no specific practical applications,” the company told The Verge in an email. That’s a bummer, but if you don’t care much for premium Italian design, Amazon sells this hilarious ColorUp “magic color sensing lamp” for $99.