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This hurricane-proof home can withstand powerful storms, thanks to its aerodynamic design

This hurricane-proof home can withstand powerful storms, thanks to its aerodynamic design

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Welcome to Home of the Future, a four-part video series co-produced by Curbed and The Verge. Each month, we'll take you inside one innovative home and explore how the technology of today informs the way people will live in the future. To follow along, stay tuned for new video episodes on our Facebook page. This month’s location? A round, net-zero prefab home engineered to survive the strongest storms.

The past several months brought intense hurricanes with record-setting wind speeds to the US Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, badly damaging multiple communities. More than 200 people have died in this recent batch of hurricanes, and technically, the season doesn’t end until November 30th.

Many families have been faced with the decision to evacuate, but oftentimes when they return, their homes could be destroyed. That’s why North Carolina-based prefab home builder Deltec has designed a home that’s built to withstand hurricanes, so whether or not families choose to leave, they can feel assured that their properties will remain upon their return. The company has built more than 5,000 units over the past 50 years, and the homes have withstood past hurricanes including Katrina, Sandy, and even the recent Harvey, Irma, and Maria. An impressive 100 percent of Deltec homes survived these storms, thanks to their round shape that allows air to distribute evenly as it passes the house.


Beyond the shape, the home also drew inspiration from a wheel — with spokes extending from the center of the home to reenforce the walls. The roof pitch has been optimized for wind deflection and reduced lift, while the walls are built with Southern Yellow Pine, one of the strongest woods available.

Deltec homes are available at a price of $150 to $200 per square foot and can be built in both the signature round shape or a more traditional style. Optionally, buyers can have them built to be fully net zero, with airtight construction, thermal mass flooring, and energy from solar trackers to make it energy efficient in addition to being sturdy. Watch this episode of Home of the Future for more on how one Deltec home fared against Hurricane Harvey this past summer.