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A blue version of Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is coming to the US

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Available from November 16th

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Image: Samsung

Samsung is releasing a new color of its Galaxy Note 8 in the US: Deepsea Blue. The new color will be available from November 16th on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. It’ll also be available unlocked from Best Buy stores,, or

The color is pretty bright and shiny for a deep ocean blue, but it’s a nice option if Midnight Black is too boring and Orchid Grey is too weird. Samsung is known for only releasing specific colors in certain markets. The Deepsea Blue device has been available in other countries including South Korea, Canada, and Germany, while a Maple Gold handset was released in the UK and Australia.

The Galaxy Note 8 costs $950, so it's $50 cheaper than the starting price of Apple's flagship iPhone X. If you want something a bit more rugged and cheaper, the Galaxy S8 Active is coming to Sprint and T-Mobile later in November after an initial exclusivity run at AT&T.