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Windows 10’s version of AirDrop lets you quickly share files between PCs

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Microsoft is introducing its own version of Apple’s AirDrop feature in Windows 10. The software giant has started testing its “Near Share” feature of Windows 10 in the latest Insider build (17035) today, and it’s designed to make file sharing easier. Like AirDrop, Near Share will let Windows 10 PCs share documents or photos to PCs nearby via Bluetooth.

A new Near Share option will be available in the notification center, and the feature can be accessed through the main share function in Windows 10. Files will be shared wirelessly, and recipients will receive a notification when someone is trying to send a file. We haven’t tested the new feature fully, but it sounds perfect for sending space sloths during company meetings. Microsoft’s addition comes just a day after Google unveiled its own AirDrop-like app for Android.

Alongside the new Near Share feature, Microsoft is also adding mute a tab to the Edge browser. Like Chrome, mute a tab will silence irritating auto playing videos or ads in a browsing session. Microsoft is also bringing Surface hardware into its Microsoft Store app, allowing Windows 10 users to purchase devices and accessories.