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Here’s a cool see-through iPhone X wallpaper that shows off its innards

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Two to choose from

Photo: iFixit

If you’re the proud owner of a new iPhone X but are stumped on which wallpaper to display on that beautiful screen, iFixit has released some pretty nice see-through options. Fresh from its teardown, iFixit has given users two high-resolution wallpaper options, including one that shows what’s inside the iPhone X and another that’s an X-ray version. The standard wallpaper shows the battery cells, haptic engine, and dual camera.

You can download them from iFixit’s site. To set them as your wallpaper, save the photo at full resolution then select wallpaper from your iPhone’s Settings menu, tap “choose a new wallpaper,” then select the photo you saved. You can also select either Still or Perspective (which zooms in slightly so the wallpaper moves when you tilt your device.) Perspective mode is a good way of preventing burn-in, since the pixels of your wallpaper will shift around, rather than being fixed every time you use your phone.