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    UberEats now has a restaurant and food rating system

    UberEats now has a restaurant and food rating system


    Yeah, that's probably useful

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    UberEats updated its app today to include restaurant reviews. Users can rate the restaurant on a five-star scale. Specific dishes can be rated, too, but only with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Users can also now "favorite" a restaurant so it appears at the top of the restaurant feed, and the app will suggest dishes based off the user’s taste and prior orders.

    The ratings system will display information from the past 90 days and will break down how many users gave it each star rating. It'll also highlight specific issues that people mention like portion size, temperature, and taste.

    Here's a closer look at the app:


    Uber's meal delivery service launched nearly two years ago and has slowly rolled out to cities around the world. It also now delivers fast food from places like McDonald's, which has a shockingly high rating in one Brooklyn, New York location.

    I'm surprised the app went this long without a ratings system, as that seems like an essential feature for a food delivery app. Still, good for the company for adding it now and giving people insight before they commit to ordering.