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Time is a never-ending circle in the new trailer for Netflix’s Dark

Time is a never-ending circle in the new trailer for Netflix’s Dark


Streaming on December 1st

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Netflix released a new trailer and announced a premiere date for its first German-language show Dark. If you’ve been looking for something to pick up after the latest season of Stranger Things, this show looks like it might do the trick when it debuts on December 1st.

We got our first glimpse of the show back in March, when Netflix released the first teaser, showing off a familiar premise: some children have gone missing, and there’s something strange going on in the town where they vanished. There’s also the suggestion that there’s something unnatural about their disappearances — not who kidnapped them, but when.

This new trailer puts a focus on the “but when” part of the show, opening with someone saying, “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are not consecutive. They are connected in a never-ending circle.” Characters talk about how terrible events that happened 33 years ago are happening once again. The disappearances apparently expose some deeper ills in the city of Winden, and strains the relationships of four families that live there.

There’s certainly a bit of a Stranger Things vibe to the show — a band of kids in the woods, a walkman from the 1980s, and a supernatural component should be appealing to fans — but this trailer certainly sets us up for what looks like a more serious, and shall I say, darker show. We’ll find out when the 10-episode season arrives on December 1st.