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My name was used 5 times for fraudulent anti-Net Neutrality comments on the FCC proposal page.


I found this article off of Gizmodo today, called "Use This Tool to See If Your Name Was Used to Support Net Neutrality Repeal," and was interested to see if mine was. While I am very much in favor of Net Neutrality, I never posted any comment on the orginal proposal, so any use of my name would be false. So I clicked the link, which took me to this page. I put in my name and, lo-and-behold, comments came up. Actually, seven comments came up. One of them didn't have any trace of my name in it (weird, but whatever), and another seemed to be from a real person who just shared my name (bad grammar, misspellings, "u" for "you" and such, etc.), so those two passed my cursory examination.

It was the other 5 comments that used my exact name (and, for one of them, my address) and several pre-generated variations of anti-NN comments that made me VERY angry.

Now, I somewhat understand; my name is remarkably close to a very commonly used "filler" name (a variation that is similar in nature to "Jon Smith" and "John Smith"), so it's not that far-fetched that they just used variations on that name. But 5 times? Come on, that's obscene. I'm a pretty internet-active citizen, so it makes sense that my name would be a pretty easy choice, but it's not right.

I urge you to check it out, put your name in to see if it's been used fraudulently, and to report usage. If you don't know anything about Net Neutrality, please go learn, either from my post from earlier this year, or the hundreds of professional videos and articles. It's a really big deal, so please keep educated. Then go call your local officials to demand answers as to why, in a month, we might be living in a completely different internet.