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Microsoft’s holiday ad brings adorable monsters to life with Paint 3D

Microsoft’s holiday ad brings adorable monsters to life with Paint 3D

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Microsoft is focusing on Paint 3D for its festive holiday message this year. The software giant’s “3D Holiday” commercial has started airing this weekend, and it includes the adorable “Gabe the Yeti” which was created in Microsoft’s new version of Paint. In a year when everyone was worried Microsoft would kill off the original MS Paint app, the company is celebrating its biggest ever update to the classic app with a cute TV commercial.

Microsoft has positioned Paint 3D and its Remix 3D website as a community for people to share their creations. Remix 3D lets anyone share a 3D character, or download one that someone else has made and tweak it. Paint 3D fully supports 3D models, and you can even move creations over to Windows Mixed Reality to truly experience them in 3D with a VR headset.

Paint 3D and Remix 3D were a big part of the original Windows 10 Creators Update, but most consumers probably don’t even know they exist as a part of Windows. Microsoft’s new holiday commercial is clearly aiming to change that, while subtly highlighting the advantages of the Windows 10’s stylus support and touchscreens. It’s a different message to the hugs it provided Apple employees a couple of years ago, and Microsoft’s holiday effort has a similar feel to the annual John Lewis ones. If you enjoy Microsoft’s 3D monsters, they’re all available inside the new Paint 3D app for Windows 10.