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YouTube for Xbox One X updated with 4K support

YouTube for Xbox One X updated with 4K support


HDR is coming soon

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Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles are finally starting to get 4K YouTube support this week. The Xbox One X is now able to stream YouTube in 4K, and Microsoft tells us that HDR support is “coming soon.” 4K and HDR are coming to the Xbox One S as well, however it won’t be this week. Microsoft says it’ll have more to share on that front “soon.”

Google has been slow to add 4K support for the Xbox One. The One S launched with 4K Blu-ray support back in August 2016, and it looks like 4K YouTube still may not arrive until 2018.

On the One X, the YouTube app now includes support for 4K resolution videos and 60 fps playback, ideal for watching gaming footage or sports events. The updated app is rolling out now, or if you don’t want to wait you can install it early from the Windows Store.

Correction December 11th, 6:35PM ET: The 4K YouTube update is only available on the Xbox One X, not the Xbox One S.