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Google launches Star Wars augmented reality stickers for the Pixel and Pixel 2

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And Stranger Things, and a talking donut

After announcing them back in October, Google is launching its augmented reality stickers on the Pixel and Pixel 2 this week. The stickers are cute 3D creatures that appear inside of photos and videos taken in Google’s camera app using new AR tech to appear like they’re really in the scene.

To make the whole thing a bit more fun, Google is launching the feature with two branded sticker sets: Stranger Things and Star Wars. You’ll be able to pull up cartoon versions of the Stranger Things kids and the Demogorgon (with season one outfits — so probably no punk Eleven), as well as a handful of Star Wars characters and creatures, including stormtroopers, R2-D2, BB-8, and porgs.

Google also has a handful of its own creatures, including a donut, a coffee mug, and a weightlifting stalk of broccoli. Early videos using the feature suggest the stickers work pretty well.

These AR stickers are exclusive to Pixel phones for the time being. They also require that phones are updated to Android 8.1 — and not all phones have received the update yet. For those that have made it to 8.1, Google says the feature should appear inside the camera app over the “coming days.” It also plans to release more sticker packs in the future.