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Comcast's redesigned X1 voice remote can locate your cellphone

Comcast's redesigned X1 voice remote can locate your cellphone


Only for Xfinity Mobile customers

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Comcast revealed its redesigned X1 Voice Remote yesterday which features a newly relocated microphone button that’s easier to push for voice commands. Today, the X1 remote is also getting a new phone finder command that can help Xfinity Mobile customers find their misplaced cellphones in the home.

Saying "Xfinity Mobile, find my phone" will cause your phone to ring and play a pre-recorded audio message that lets the user know why they're receiving the call. If you've got multiple devices you can specify with a command like "Xfinity Mobile, find Sam's phone." (Every Xfinity Mobile customer assigns a name to their phone number at activation.)

The new X1 Voice Remote is black with a more angular design that should help train your muscles to pick it up correctly. The microphone button is located where the thumb naturally falls and is made of a distinct material that can be identified easily through touch.

X1 remote users can now rewind or fast-forward video for a specific amount of time. Say "go forward 10 minutes" or "go back 30 seconds" and the video you're watching will respond in kind. You can also ask “what song is this?” during a film, TV show, or ad and it’ll display the artist and song name on the screen. Comcast says it's also adding new commands for the smart home and improved AI capabilities for Spanish-language commands. The new voice features work on both new and old Comcast voice remotes.

The new X1 remote is available now to both “eligible new and existing X1 customers” at no additional cost. Comcast notes that orders for the X1 could include either model (the older XR11 or the newer XR15) depending on inventory so you’d better be specific with your request.