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FCC commissioner trolls Ajit Pai with net neutrality ‘suggested edits’

Activists Supporting Net Neutrality Hold Rallies Across U.S. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The FCC’s proposed rollback of net neutrality rules is expected to pass this week, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the commission is pleased with the idea. The two Democratic Commissioners, who helped pass net neutrality protections in 2015, have been vocally opposed to the plan, spearheaded by Republican Chairman Ajit Pai.

Ahead of Thursday’s vote, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, who appeared at recent protests against the plan, today released an “alternative proposal” for the Commission to consider. The proposal is one simple page of “suggested edits”:

Everything has been excised from the proposal except one sentence: “After further review of the record, we affirm the 2015 Open Internet Order.”

Assuming the Commission doesn’t pick up Clyburn’s proposal — and, as of right now, it seems unlikely — a 3–2 party line vote is expected on Thursday.