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Tinder is testing a chronological feed of your matches’ profile updates and Instagram posts

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Never leave Tinder?

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Tinder is testing a new feature called Feed that shows users real-time updates from their matches. Updates can include new profile pictures, new Instagram posts, and new Spotify Top Artists, as long as a user connects their Instagram or Spotify accounts to Tinder. Users will be able to comment on any posts in their feed, meaning even if you don’t want a Tinder date to follow you on Instagram, they’ll still be able to leave a private comment on your photos — on Tinder.

Tinder is marketing Feed as a way to “go beyond the swipe,” or, a way to get to know your matches without actually asking them any questions. As Mashable points out, the feature is also an easy way to get people to spend more time on Tinder. Tinder knows its users are lurking their matches’ Instagrams, and now they don’t even have to leave the Tinder app to do it.

tinder-feed Image: Tinder

Only people you’ve matched with will show up in your feed, and Tinder says users will be able to control what they share in the feed. For now, the feature is only live in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Update 1:08PM ET: Updated to clarify that comments in the Tinder Feed will only be viewable by the person receiving the comment.