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France will ban kids from using their phones during school until they're 15

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Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

French children won't be allowed to bring their phones into classrooms starting in September. The Guardian reports that while kids can still bring their phones into their schools, the devices have to stay locked away until the end of the day. This will apply to kids starting at the age of six and will last until they're around 15, or starting high school (aka secondary school).

In addition to trying to minimize distractions, the French government says the ban sends a "public health message" because kids shouldn't spend much — or any — time in front of screen until they're seven years old. It isn't clear how students will have to store their phones, or whether teachers will really be able to enforce these rules. I can't imagine kids following the government's regulations, especially when they have pressing Snaps and Instagram content to check out. Maybe kids in France are more obedient? Doubtful.