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AT&T’s updated Passport program gives users 1GB of data for $60 a month while abroad

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Or 3GB for $120

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AT&T introduced two new plan updates for its customers traveling abroad. Through the company's Passport program, you can now choose between either $60 for 1GB of data or $120 for 3GB. The price is a one-time fee in both cases, and the package expires after 30 days, although you can set up a monthly recurring charge. Previously, Passport started at $40 a month for 200MB of data.

AT&T also offers an International Day Pass, which costs $10 a day. With that program, users can access their stateside data, texting, and calling plan for that set $10 rate. If you plan to use lots and lots of data and to text without Wi-Fi, you might want that $10 a month plan. But if you can rein in your data use, or if you’re traveling for an extended period of time, Passport seems like the way to go.