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Samsung’s unannounced Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus expected to have dual front cameras

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A new generation of Samsung’s Galaxy A-series phones are rumored for a release this January, as reported by Android Police. A user manual was uploaded online to Samsung’s website, which provides minimal details on what we can expect for next year’s new A-series phones.

It appears that the phones’ big highlight feature will be dual front-facing cameras, with Live Focus available for selfies, but there’s no information yet on how many megapixels they are. The manual also confirms that the phones will have a 18:9 aspect ratio with slim bezels, like many other new phones released in the past year. The rear fingerprint sensor also looks like it’s located below the rear camera, for easier access than previous Samsung models like the Note 8.

The naming of the phones is also rumored to change, with this year’s A5 and A7 becoming the A8 and A8 Plus of next year. The manual claims that both phones will run Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box and offer support for Samsung Pay and Bixby. Other aspects remain standard, like a USB-C charger port and an earphone jack. We’re likely to know more about the new models within the next two months if Samsung announces them as expected.