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Two senators make final call to cancel net neutrality vote

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Senate GOP And Democrats Hold Weekly Policy Luncheons At The Capitol Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Angus King, Jr. (I-ME) have sent a last-minute letter calling for FCC chairman Ajit Pai to cancel today’s net neutrality vote. “Repealing the FCC’s net neutrality rules will undermine long-standing protections that that have ensured the open internet as a powerful and transformative platform of innovation and economic opportunity,” they write. “We respectfully ask that the commission cancel the vote on the proposed order as scheduled and give Congress and the FCC the time to hold public hearings in 2018.”

This letter comes on the heels of previous letters from lawmakers in both the Republican and Democratic party, as well as earlier criticism of the rule from Collins. As with previous efforts, it’s unlikely to result in an actual delay of the vote, but it registers more opposition to both the repeal order and the speed at which it’s being pushed through.