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AppleCare costs more for an iPhone X than a $13,000 iMac Pro

AppleCare costs more for an iPhone X than a $13,000 iMac Pro


The only cheap thing about the iMac Pro

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James Bareham / The Verge

The iMac Pro is available to order today, and although it’s pricey, starting at $4,999, the cost to add AppleCare+ is the same as it is for an iMac, as spotted by AppleInsider.

On the page for AppleCare+ for Mac in Apple’s online store, clicking both the links for iMac Pro and iMac bring you to the same page for AppleCare+ for iMac. It seems that despite the price differences between the two machines (the iMac starts at $1,099), you can buy the same coverage for both at $169.

This means that even though the iMac Pro can cost, with all the bells and whistles, over $13,000, it’s cheaper to buy AppleCare+ for one of these machines than it is to buy AppleCare+ for a MacBook or MacBook Air ($249) or even an iPhone X ($199).

AppleInsider checked various regional versions of Apple’s website, including the UK, Germany, Canada, and France, to see if this price was an anomaly. It was the same across all online stores, meaning it is likely company policy. It’s unclear whether Apple will later update this policy to reflect the new device, but if you are planning on buying the new iMac Pro with insurance, know that your very expensive machine can currently be covered for less than your brand-new iPhone.