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Tech companies react to the FCC killing net neutrality

Tech companies react to the FCC killing net neutrality

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The Federal Communications Commission, led by Chairman Ajit Pai, has voted to dismantle net neutrality, removing the Title II classification and allowing internet providers free rein to block, throttle, or prioritize content online as they see fit.

Although major tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have been keeping relatively low profiles when it comes to the fight for net neutrality so far, other companies have decided to speak out.



Mozilla released a blog post stating that the company is “incredibly disappointed that the FCC voted this morning – along partisan lines – to remove protections for the open internet,” and urged users to turn to Congress and the courts to continue to fight for an open internet.



Credo Mobile

Credo Mobile, an MNVO based in San Francisco that runs off of Verizon’s network, released a statement from CEO Ray Morris that condemned the repeal of net neutrality as a “reckless decision [that] will threaten the next generation of innovative companies and technologies, and even more importantly it will limit the internet as a platform for free speech and civil engagement.”