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A DJ named Ajit Pai had a bad day on Instagram

A DJ named Ajit Pai had a bad day on Instagram


This is not the Pai you’re looking for

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If you care about net neutrality, it’s understandable that you’d be upset with Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai today. In a 3-2 vote, the FCC delivered a killing blow to remove the net neutrality rules put in place two years ago. It is your American-given right to voice your dissatisfaction with this decision! Let your social media channels be your metaphorical megaphone to the higher powers! Also make sure you’re sending your comments to the right Ajit Pai.

This Ajit Pai is a DJ from Goa, India, who unfortunately shares a name with the controversial FCC figurehead. Shockingly, some online commenters have failed to draw the distinction and have flocked to Pai’s social accounts to yell about net neutrality. On his most recent photo, dozen of comments are related to the vote or the general identity confusion. “Please don’t repeal net neutrality,“ wrote one user called daddys.cummie.wummies, while another suggested that Pai “might want to legally change your name now.” But those sorts of remarks are spilling over onto older posts as well as users comment without verifying his identity.

Ajit Pai the DJ, for his part, has taken it all in stride. A commenter by the name of festiveinterlude insulted Pai, only to be rebuked for his mistake by others; after they acknowledged their mistake (“oops”), Pai replied “It’s cool. You were right about the fatass though.” In response to another user, he replied that he supports net neutrality.

For a refresher on the correct Pai, this clip featuring FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn is a quick and easy reminder. FCC Pai is the one responding to Clyburn’s poignant, poetic speech with a flippant, “I’m gonna mark you down as a no?” and a laugh.

Once more — this is DJ Ajit Pai:

And this is the FCC’s Ajit Pai:

Be kind to your local, unfortunately named DJ.