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    Shervin Pishevar exits Sherpa Capital for good following sexual assault allegations

    Shervin Pishevar exits Sherpa Capital for good following sexual assault allegations


    The prominent tech investor has also taken a leave from Virgin Hyperloop One

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    In 2013, the venture firm Sherpa Capital was founded by Shervin Pishevar and Scott Stanford. Today, Pishevar announced he would “end his association” with the organization, as the fallout continues from multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and assault.

    Last month, Bloomberg reported on accusations from five different women who said that Pishevar had abused his power as a prominent investor and Uber board member and that he has harassed or sexually assaulted them. Earlier this year, Pishevar was also detained, but not charged, in connection with a complaint about sexual assault in London, an incident that was captured by a police report that was later revealed as a fabrication.

    Pishevar has maintained his innocence and also filed lawsuits for defamation. In today’s statement announcing his split from Sherpa Capital, Pishevar wrote:

    “Unfortunately, it is no surprise that the untruthful attacks by those seeking to harm me and my family, including those willing to go so far as fabricating police reports, have continued unabated even after I announced my leave of absence from Sherpa. My truculent opponents are out to settle scores that have nothing to do with Sherpa, and I refuse to allow my enemies to drag my Sherpa family into their fight with me. That is why I have decided on my own accord to end my association with Sherpa Capital, effective immediately. I plan to focus now on the appropriate ongoing legal actions against those who are unjustly orchestrating the smear campaign against me.” 

    Pishevar has also taken a leave of absence from Virgin Hyperloop One, a startup he co-founded.

    Along with establishing himself as a name in tech, Pishevar was a major donor to various politicians in the Democratic Party. A recent report from Forbes indicates that another tech investor had tried to warn the Hillary Clinton campaign about associating with Pishevar before any public reporting on his conduct had surfaced, a sign that his darker reputation within Silicon Valley was already established.