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with the death of Net Neutrality, Is it time for an alt-net?


Total noob here, so please don’t make fun of me... but is it possible to build and design a non-profit, open source alt-net to rival the internet?

the way I understand how the internet works, it’s basically a bunch of servers communicating through ISP’s and DNS nodes to each other and individual devices, each with their own IP address.

With the great advances we see in Block-chain and P2P networks, would it be possible to decentralize the process of connection nodes, controlled by governments and ISP’s, creating instead a de-centralized, highly variable and flexible network that uses individual devices to dedicate a part of their computing power to compute alt-net traffic individually?

perhaps using a completely redesigned Protocol to rival HTTP?

i’m sure it would have the adverse effect in the beginning, as without dedicated nodes, it would take longer for individual packets to reach their respective destination, but with an increased amount of users and benevolent servers, perhaps it would get better with time?