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Porg Invasion is the Star Wars: The Last Jedi mini-game that’s about to take over Facebook

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Available for free on Facebook’s Instant Games platform

Image: Disney

It wouldn’t be a new Star Wars film without an adorable and yet equally divisive pet-like character from which Disney can launch a merchandising gold mine. The Force Awakens gave us the stoic and circular R2-D2 successor BB-8, but Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, which hits theaters today, is all about the porg. To celebrate the puffin-like bird species of planet Ahch-To, on which Luke Skywalker has exiled himself, Disney is launching a Facebook Instant Games mini-game today called Porg Invasion.

To avoid spoilers, let’s just say that porgs are not Chewbacca’s favorite thing in the world. Porg Invasion puts you in the Wookiee pilot’s shoes, with BB-8 as the primary playable character, as you stave off a porg onslaught on the Millennium Falcon, not unlike the augmented reality porg invasion of the real world ushered in by Google’s new AR stickers released earlier this week. It’s silly and simple, but captivating enough to lure in any die-hard Star Wars fan and with a competitive edge that will surely make it worth competing against your friends. The game is being made available through Instant Games, so you can play from within Facebook Messenger on mobile or on the News Feed on desktop.

Image: Lucasfilm