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Microsoft is bundling PUBG with the Xbox One X

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For a limited time starting December 17th


Getting battle royale sensation PUBG on the Xbox One was a major coup for Microsoft, and now the company is exploiting that by bundling the game with the Xbox One X over the holidays. According to the company, every purchase of the new 4K console between December 17th and the 31st will include a copy of PUBG (though the promotion is only available in select regions).

PUBG made its Xbox debut this week through the console’s “game preview” program, and while it’s clunkier than its PC counterpart, it still offers the same thrilling action — and, at least from a visual perspective, it appears to run better on the One X compared to the original Xbox One. Microsoft says that more than 1 million players purchased the game in its first 48 hours of availability; the original PC version, meanwhile, recently crossed the 20 million sales threshold.

The game is also set to expand very soon. December 20th will see the launch of PUBG’s much-anticipated second map, a desert-themed battleground called “Miramar.”