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This collection features images from one of science’s most influential explorers

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Image: Kronecker Wallis

In September, publisher Kroncker Wallis Kickstarted its new edition of influential math text Euclid’s Element. The publisher has a new project that’s now funding on the platform: Illustrating Nature: The World Through the Eyes of Alexander von Humboldt is a book that collects the illustrations and notes of one of the world’s greatest scientific explorers.

Born in 1769, von Humboldt was a scholar and explorer who traveled the world studying geography and biology. An early advocate for scientific thought and reasoning, his observations were critical in the field of biogeography and helped establish the modern standards for meteorological monitoring. He was also the first person to recognize that humans had an influence on the Earth’s climate.

Kroncker Wallis’s collection contains nearly 300 of his illustrations, and describes it as a “visual travel companion.” It’s a handsome volume full of beautiful images, and it’s bound with several different types of paper types to differentiate its different sections. The project is close to reaching its funding goal of just over $58,000, and backers can get the book for €60 (around $71). The publisher is also offering some accessories, including postcards, a notebook inspired by the explorer, as well a copy of the publisher’s first project, Newton’s Principia.

Image: Kroncker Wallis
Image: Kroncker Wallis
Image: Kroncker Wallis