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PUBG adding much-needed replay and killcam features this week

PUBG adding much-needed replay and killcam features this week


It’s about time

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Image: PUBG Corp

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp today announced a deal with South Korean game technology provider Minkonet that will bring 3D replay and killcam features to the competitive shooter. Minkonet, based in Seoul, will be building the custom replay settings so that players can get playback of a previous encounter or in-game feat, while the same technology will power a more robust spectating feature for viewers of e-sports contests and Twitch live streamers.

The new killcam feature will give players an immediate look back at a designated amount of time prior to their death in the game. It’s designed primarily to help give players insight into their failures. One of the biggest criticisms of the game, especially compared to the more accessible Fortnite Battle Royale, is that PUBG’s steep learning curve and the unforgiving structure of its lengthy multiplayer matches makes it difficult to meaningfully improve. That’s especially true when a player might spend the better part of 15 to 20 minutes without seeing another human only to unsuspectedly die in an unexplained fashion.

PUBG Corp and Minkonet say the killcam will also be used as a method for detecting in-game cheating, as the replay will provide video evidence of any hacking of PUBG’s code to grant more precise aiming, faster movement, or other cheats that undermine the game’s competitive e-sports appeal. Both the replay and killcam features will be making their way to PUBG in its 1.0 update on December 20th, when the game will officially leave Steam’s Early Access Program alongside the official introduction of the Miramar desert map and a slew of performance and graphics upgrades.