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Twitch is making a reality TV show for aspiring streamers

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Amelia Krales

Next year Twitch is launching its very own reality show. Called Stream On, the show will be an American Idol-style competition, only instead of would-be pop stars, it will star aspiring streamers. Twitch describes it as a game show, where “contestants will face challenges designed to test important streamer skills, and be evaluated by a panel of Twitch judges.”

Contestants will stream from their own homes, and since it’s on Twitch, the show will also feature a bit of audience participation; Twitch says viewers will play “an important role” in determining who advances through the competition. Twitch says the show will only be open to those in its “partnership program” — which includes at least a few questionable choices — and contestants must be based in the US, UK, or Canada. The winner will be provided a monthly stipend of $5,000 for one year.

The show will be produced internally at the company’s Twitch Studios division, which has previously created original programming like a mini-documentary on the arcade game Big Buck Hunter. It’s also part of an ongoing trend as the streaming service looks to diversify beyond just video games; most recently, Twitch inked a deal with the NBA to air weekly minor league basketball games, which will include new interactive elements.

Stream On will debut next March.