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You can now send your Amazon Echo Look selfies for crowdsourced fashion advice

You can now send your Amazon Echo Look selfies for crowdsourced fashion advice

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Earlier this summer, Amazon launched the invitation-only Amazon Echo Look to help people feel confident about learning to dress themselves. Today, the device is connecting to Amazon Spark, so users can ask each other for fashion advice. Combining the two means you can use Amazon’s Instagram-like social media platform to crowdsource votes on your outfits, getting opinions from real users instead of just Amazon-hired “fashion specialists.”

The Echo Look takes full-body selfies and already provides fashion advice through machine learning. Now, with the addition of Spark, human insight will be added into the mix. Users will be able to ask others specific questions, like “Which pair of pants matches my outfit best?”

But what should a user do if machine learning and humans give the opposite advice? Posting and asking for fashion advice is already something I see plenty of people do in Facebook beauty groups, where you often also get plenty of contradicting opinions. Ultimately, though, when it comes to fashion, it may just be best to go with your gut and keep the Echo Look as a device to catalog outfits you like.

Amazon Spark is only compatible with the Echo Look’s iOS app, so Android users will have to wait it out. For now, the Echo Look is still available by invitation only.