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New trailers: Avengers, Black Mirror, Batman Ninja, and more

New trailers: Avengers, Black Mirror, Batman Ninja, and more

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Photo: Focus Features

I was a little skeptical about going to see Coco last weekend, since I've heard mixed things about some of the recent Pixar films. Aside from the studio's shorts (which have been very good!), I haven't seen anything it's put out since Up, which was around the time Pixar started really leaning into sequels.

But it turns out my worries were for nothing, as Coco really is a sweet, fun movie. And while I think it could probably do with a smoother first act, the film as a whole gets into some really tough issues — like abusive men and absent fathers — and deals with them in surprisingly direct ways for a kids movie.

If you go, my only advice is this: wait to get popcorn during the Frozen short. You’ll have time.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Avengers: Infinity War

The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War came out this week, and it provides a nice, moody overview of what exactly is going down. I like this trailer for how simple it is — instead of teasing us with lots of quick and shaky action shots, we're mostly looking at Marvel's roster of heroes solemnly staring down the huge threat that's quickly approaching them. The film comes out May 4th.

All the Money in the World

This is really wild. After shooting this entire film and putting out a first trailer for it, Ridley Scott decided to completely cut Kevin Spacey out of the movie earlier this month, recast him with Christopher Plummer, and now we're already watching Plummer act in a trailer. Seriously, they reshot portions of the movie and got them ready for viewing in three weeks. And it's still on track for the film's original December 22nd release date.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is coming back for a fourth season, and this week, Netflix put out teasers for four of its episodes. The one above, for the episode "Black Museum" is probably the creepiest — if you're interested, you can watch the others here, here, and here. There's no release date yet for the new season.


In her review of Tragedy Girls, my colleague Kaitlyn Tiffany pointed out a "can you believe two pretty teen girls are saying this stuff?” shtick that can easily get taken too far. I'm a little concerned that's the case here too, but until we find out, I suppose it's still better to have too much of this stuff for once instead of too little. The film comes out March 16th.


And then there's Thoroughbreds, which takes that trope to a way more intense, stylized, and hilarious level, at least from the looks of this trailer. It's filled with the kind of great shots and painfully uncomfortable moments that are impossible to look away from. The film comes out March 9th. 

Mary Magdalene

This is a weirdly star-studded Bible adaptation.

Jupiter's Moon

A few years ago, director Kornél Mundruczó made a big splash with the film White God. Now he's back with a new movie that looks just as gorgeous and sad and strange — Jupiter's Moon, which is about a refugee who's able to levitate. There seems to be a real Children of Men vibe here with a frenetic, busy look and a troubling journey these characters seem to be going through. The film comes to the UK on January 5th. No word on a release in the US just yet.

Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

IndieWire posted a trailer for this bizarre, eerie, and really beautiful new animated coming of age film called Birdboy: The Forgotten Children. I'm pretty sure children should not actually watch this movie, and honestly I think the trailer might be enough for me, too. But it’s definitely worth taking a look at just for this animation. The film comes to the US in limited release on December 15th.

Batman Ninja

This is the best thing I've seen all week.