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The first teaser for Stargate Origins channels Indiana Jones

The first teaser for Stargate Origins channels Indiana Jones


The show debuts on Stargate Command on February 15th

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After releasing a pair of behind-the-scenes clips from Stargate: Origins, MGM has unveiled its first teaser for the upcoming digital-only show. While the franchise is known for its interstellar adventures, this prequel looks as though it’s remaining firmly grounded, and taking a bit of inspiration from the likes of Indiana Jones.

The show will feature Ellie Gall as Catherine Langford, one of the more important characters in the franchise. She’s the daughter of the Stargate’s original discoverer, and would later be part of the team that uncovered the alien device’s purpose: to open a wormhole to other gates. In this teaser, we see a much younger Langford facing off against a much different adversary: Nazis, who seem to be interested in the gate for their own purposes.

As a result, the teaser shows off a show that looks like it’s taking some cues from the Indiana Jones franchise, down to a couple of shots that look like they’re an homage to Steven Spielberg's classic films.

The teaser also revealed a release date for the new show: February 15th. It will premiere on Stargate Command, MGM’s dedicated Stargate portal that hosts each of the franchise’s shows and movies.