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Snapchat now has a 2017 in review memories feature

Snapchat now has a 2017 in review memories feature


Snapchat copies Facebook for once

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It’s the end of the year, which means being bombarded with roundups about the year that was on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Now, Snapchat has also entered the fun (and riffed off Facebook for once, rather than the other way around) and now offers your 2017 in review using the snaps and videos you’ve taken. The feature is a first for Snapchat, after last year introducing a way for users to save snaps into a memories section where posts can live past the 24-hour limit.

To access this feature, just tap on the memories icon at the bottom of the screen when you load up the app, and select the A Look Back at 2017. The snaps are automatically assembled to create the Story, but you can customize it by selecting “Edit Story” and tapping the “X” to delete the specific snaps you don’t want to include. You can then save and send the story to friends.

Note, however, that if you haven’t been saving many snaps to your memories section, this feature might not exist as there simply isn’t enough content to create a story.

Snapchat’s 2017 look back feature comes shortly after news that Snap is also reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to share stories outside of the app itself, aptly called “Stories Everywhere.” Here’s to even more dancing hotdogs, puppy face filters, and a better report card for next year!