Is Elon Musk Absorbing Ideas From Twitter Followers?


Elon Musk is probably the last person on Earth who needs any help generating insane ideas and bringing them to fruition. However is it possible that some of his twitter followers are "Inceptioning" (that's a word yes?) their desires into aspects of his projects. I wouldn't say there is concrete evidence for that. After all this is a person that decided it was a sound idea to go public with an electric car company during a recession, solve his traffic woes with tunnels in underground L.A., and push the space race forward with self landing grasshoper/Dragon rockets, that land on drone boats, in the middle of the Atlantic. Clearly this a man then that doesn't NEED any help with outlandish, seemingly impossible, "holy sh*t he actually pulled it off anyway" ideas.

However if you would allow yourself to indulge me for a second, let's take the two cases of former Verge employ Sam "His Swaggesty" Sheffer (@SamSheffer), and one enthusiastic Astronomy/SpaceX fan Evelyn Janeidy (@JaneidyEve). We'll start with Sam. Around June this year, Sam Sheffer reached out to Elon with a simple question about the performance figures for the Tesla Roadster 2.0. In the world of Hypercars, the general agreed spec for quickness (0 - 60) usually is "anything under 3 seconds". However for the likes of the P100D Model S, a 4 door Sedan, even that borders on pedestrian. So Sam asked if the target would be even lower. If the Roadster would go after an even more eye melting, sub 2 second 0 - 60 time.

Musk, in the above tweet, seems to be intrigued by the idea. That target would, by all accounts, eclipse even the most powerful ICE powered Hypercars regardless of how many millions they're worth. Not to say it wasn't something he wasn't already mulling around, but perhaps this was the added push in the right direction.

My second example is Evelyn Janeidy. A Tesla/Space X fan who around June, reached out and asked Elon Musk to allow Twitter to vote on what would go up inside the Falcon Heavy that was to be launch later in the year (though now postponed until early 2018). Elon then reached back and said any suggestions were welcome since they wouldn't be launching human beings the 1st flight, but would stick with "the silliest thing imaginable".

Her suggestion then, was a car. Yes her idea, was to send an entire automobile into space. Whether that idea is possible or even safe remains to be seen, but it was an idea put forward to Elon in the middle of summer long before the roadster reveal and really who has time for sanity?

This seemed to be the end of that. Then this happened....

I wouldn't say this is proof, but there is an interesting argument to be made that Musk is taking suggestion from many a source. At the very least, taking a second to consider them and intergrate them into his own plans. One could call it reckless or crazy but if he was sane Tesla, nor Space X, would exist to begin with. Here's hoping he never becomes TOO rational. Here's hoping his followers don't either. Keep the ideas coming. Use your gifts. *