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Windows 10 Start Button disabled and asborder running


A friend’s Asus ZenBook laptop had this strange problem. The Windows 10 Start button onscreen and on the keyboard were not responding. The other icons on the taskbar would launch their apps. There was a thin bright green border around the edge of the screen. I finally hit Ctl-Alt-Delete to restart the computer and Windows said that there were a couple of apps running. One of them was "asborder". I said to restart anyway and the Start button was fine afterwards.

i googled asborder and got no hits from the major antivirus companies. There were a couple of hits that say that asborder.ocx is a malware and then they want you to download their software to fix it. That looked kind of fishy. One of the thoughts I had was since the name of the running app started with "as" that it was an Asus thing, but I didn’t see anything like that in the list of installed programs,

I also googled for the green border on the desktop, but didn’t find anything. It almost looks like those screenshot programs that highlight the area you want to take a shot of, but didn’t find anything helpful.

Does any of this ring a bell with anyone?