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Google is giving Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook owners six months of free Netflix

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If you've picked up a Google Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus recently, then Google has a little gift to help sweeten the pot (or soften the blow of buying a $1000 Chrome machine, depending on your perspective). That bonus comes in the form of six months of free Netflix.

The offer is pretty straightforward: if you own one of the three eligible Chromebooks mentioned above, just go to Google's Chromebook offer site to redeem it. You'll get six free months of Netflix's $10.99 per month “Two Screens at a Time" plan, or, if you've already got a Netflix plan, you can apply the value of the offer to that instead. The only other rule is that you've got to claim the deal before the the end of December.

Along with free Netflix, Google is also offering a couple other neat extras like $20 of Google Play credit and exclusive content in Asphalt 8 (both of which also need to be claimed before December 31st) and 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years, along with a 90-day trial for Google Play Music.