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DirecTV Now has reached 1 million subscribers

DirecTV Now has reached 1 million subscribers

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DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has surpassed the 1 million subscriber mark, AT&T announced today. The over-the-top service, which picked up 200,000 subscribers in its first month earlier this year, has continued its growth and is on pace to catch the industry leader Sling TV, which has 1.7 million subscribers according to Bloomberg.

While DirecTV Now’s growth is impressive, the company will miss its self-imposed deadline to release its cloud DVR and live TV pausing, both of which were scheduled to be available before the end of the year. "We're thrilled so many customers have come to love DirecTV Now and can't wait to bring them a host of new features in 2018," David Christopher, president of AT&T’s Entertainment Group said.

AT&T also has plans to add 4K HDR support, individual profiles, and downloadable content to the platform next year as well.